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Tropic Super Greens!!


Everyone stresses how important it is to eat your vegetables and have your five a day right? and the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables is very important in our day to lives.

But no one really stresses about how important that being healthy is just as important externally and I’m going to tell you why !! Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and it very important that we are aware of what we put on it and looking after it.

Tropic Super greens is a shot of healthy greens that boost the skins natural defences and nutrient levels. The Super greens include Maca root extracts and kale to deliver nutrients to the layers of your skin. It has other amazing ingredients such as Marula and broccoli seed oil and tamanu oils for skin repair.

This is amazing for people who suffers from Eczema, Psioriasis, Dermatitis and more because it contains ingredients that can naturally repair the skin without putting harsh chemicals on your skin. In fact NO CHEMICALS !!

I personally love this product because it helps repair my skin as i offer from eczema but if you are like me who wear make up often it is very good to look after the skin afterwards using natural products that will definitly benefit you.

This is definitely one of the BEST SELLERS!!

With amazing Results and this is just one of them:


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