New Make Up ! yay!!

Hi guys!!

Its been a long time since i did a post, i hope you are all well!!

I have been pretty busy and over the moon last couple of weeks with the new launch of TropicSkin care new makeup that is good for your skin and environment !! WINNING!!

Its so nice that there was an event for the launch of the new make up range and I couldn’t wait to get dolled up !! I wore my dress that I’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear and it was perfect to wear a a beautiful dress and show off hehe!

img_2803I was so excited to dress up and look cute but more excited for the new products! how cool is it that make up you wear will benefit your skin?

Tropic has launched so many products for make up from new and improved make up brushes as well as a new compact method to have all your make up in just one palette! Not only that but you can choose what colours and products you want in your palette, (ps which I’m struggling to choose as I love all the colours)!

In your palette you can have : concealer, contour, eyeshadow, blush, setting powder, and more and so easy for girls on the go not only that but if you like to party, you can carry all of that with you and won’t take no room at all!!

img_2873 I love the fact that this products can fit our busy lifestyle and if your like me that carry a huge make up bag, you don’t have to anymore as this product will have everything you need!

img_2874              You can choose your own colours that fits your everyday make up look and you can buy more colours and also put it the pallette if you want to change the colour and your look!

I can not wait to do a sit down make up tutorial with you guys to show you how good it is, and how it works! Follow my instagram pages as well as i will be doing instagram live to show you as well!


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Thanks for reading!