Vegan Make up Palette (2 MONTH REVIEW)!!

img_3662Hey Friends!!

Im Back with something different!! Its my review of trying the Palette everyday for 2 months back to back!

For the people who don’t know I’ve suffered Eczema on my face, and this has started when I was very young (maybe about the age of 1) I have been using steroid cream which was never good because it would weaken the skin, but I would flare up because of the weather and stress, etc. The tropic skincare really helped my skin heal properly! but il leave this story for another blog/ or maybe a vid.

My skin would also flare up with certain make up I would use because of the ingredients and chemicals that was used in the product over the years. But I decided to change my life completely( health, fitness, skincare and diet) and all these factors has helped me build my confidence that I have today.

img_3663  I literally love the whole make up collection, but This Palette is Amazing!! So much benefits in just one little palette. Firstly is so convenient, it fits in all my bags, even the small bags that I like to carry during summer time. I used to carry a make up which could either not fit in my bag or take up too much room that I couldn’t carry much things. This item is customised to what I use and it includes: Rose Gold highlighter, bronzer, blush, and 2 eye shadows. You have more or different make up in there depending on your preference, Remember its customised to Fit YOU!

This is my everyday make up and top up in one item, I use this and carry this everywhere, and doesn’t take that much space. This product also saves me time! I don’t have to worry about make up taking so much time before I go to work because the make up mostly in one palette I don’t have to look everywhere for the items I use because its all in one product.

The long mirror is also so convieninet because I CAN see my whole Face so it makes it so easy to top up without having to go the ladies room for a full mirror which is to always near you depending where you are!

img_3664 The make up is long wear, to be honest I hardly top up, I  only top if I end up going to an event after work, then il top up on bronzer and highlighter most of the time and I’m good to go.

This product is everything but i couldn’t express how confident I feel knowing that this product doesn’t irritate my skin as there is no chemicals what so ever, and gives me that healthy glow.

Hope you guys liked my review!

Let me know if a make up routine video would be something you will like to see :).

If you have any questions about the product, you can message me on my social media accounts down below.


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