My After Work Night Time Skin Care Routine!! (VEGAN EDITION).

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Today il be sharing with you the products that I use when i come home after a long day at work. After a day at work I am so tired and can not wait to take the make up that I have been wearing all day of my face! To me it is so important to fit in a mini skin care routine before bed to let my skin breath and give it the nutrients it needs.

  1. I take off my make up using Tropic Smoothing cleanser not only is it good for cleansing it acts as a good make up remover aswell. I use this cleanser and our bamboo face clothe to do this process.

2. once my face is dry, I will be using one of three serums shown below (depending on what my skin needs at the time) to give my face its nutrients that it needs to help me get a natural glow!

Pure Lagoon!

This is an acne blemishing serum that feeds your skin’s Eco flora, with truly transformative results for blemish prone complexions. It includes vitamin B3 and zinc PCA helps to balance production and reduce pore size. it also has pre biotic to optimise your skin natural Flora and help defend against acne.


Fruit Peel!

This is one of my faves! Its a resurfacing serum or the top layer of skin to appear brighter ย and more youthful! it has lime pearl extract , Papaya enzymes, and citrus fruit acids, coconut water to give a boost of hydration and to brighten and reduce hyper pigmentation.


Super greens!ย 

This reduces the skins natural defences and nutrients levels. It has broccoli, kale, Maca Root extracts and more! ( I have another blog post dedicated to this product as it is so Beneficial to your skin!


On days where i don’t want to use a serum, after i have cleansed I will se a moisturiser called skin Feast which is an amazing moisturiser that also gives it its nutrients and keeps the skin hydrated and super soft!

This is a routine for when you don’t have time and suer busy and super tired, and always on the go, this is the most simple but really effective way to have healthy skin and an amazing glow!

I will be working on a video to show you how I use these products listed below, if you will be interested, please don’t forget to like and comment!

love to know your thoughts!

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My Sunday Morning Skincare Routine!! (VEGAN EDITION).

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Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well.

Today Im going to share with you the products I use for my skin care weekend routine. Life can be really hectic during the week as I have work, gym, cooking, catching up with friends, and My business that I take care of during the week. It can be really hard for me sometimes to do a proper skin care routine during the week. That is why in the weekend I dedicate my morning to do an intense skincare pamper, especially during the winter when skin needs more TLC this is very important.

  1. The first step, depending on how I’m feeling, and how my skin is feeling i use either the Deep hydration Mask or Face lift: Skin Brightening and tightening mask. Both of them are very good tend to use the deep hydration mask when face is very dry.


2. Once that is on, i tend to catch up with my chores while that is doing its magic to my face. I leave it in for roughly 30 mins.

3. Once wash it off using Tropic Face (ever so soft) Bamboo face cloth, I go ahead and moisturise my face using our skin Feast nourishing cream from concentrate which contains anti oxidant rich Australian Kakadu plum to brighten and Berry seeds to intensely nourish.

These simple but effective steps is what i need for my face to leave it silky smooth for the week. My face goes through a lot during the week from make up to sweating at the gym, it is very important to take the time and to intensely do a healthy skincare routine.

For my Body I use Tropic founding product Body smooth!!


Now this product is so AMAZING ON YOUR SKIN! which is a beautiful body exfoliator for the skin that leaves it super soft and smooth! it contains mineral sea salts to remove dead skin cells and to polish skin. Golden Jojoba and Macadamia oils to deeply hydrate! And lemon and lime. Not only does it feel amazing it smells amazing too.

One thing I love about the products listed is that al products are made fresh in our factory and FREE FROM ALL CHEMICALS! Free from :


What you put in your skin shouldn’t be a mystery ๐Ÿ™‚


Hope you enjoyed my brief weekend routine!

I would love to get feedback from you guys, if you would like to see a video of me doing my skincare routine, please let me know ! I would love to do one ๐Ÿ™‚

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